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|---- Overview (Tutorial Goals)
|---- Tools (Suggested Programs for Skinning)

|---- XML Basics (Tags, Parameters, Skin.xml, Include)
|---- Containers and Layouts (Skin Hierarchy)
|---- Background Images (Elements, Backgrounds, Layers)
|---- Positioning (Coordinates, Origin, Depth)
|---- Groups (Relative Positioning, Organization)
|---- Control Buttons (Buttons and Parameters)
|---- SongTicker (Text and Parameters, True-Type Fonts)
|---- Timer (More Text and Parameters, Bitmap Fonts)
|---- Sliders (Volume, Seek, SeekerGhost)
|---- ToggleButtons (Window-Switching, GUIDs, Options)
|---- Windowing Buttons (Close, Minimize, Shade)
|---- Pre-Made Scripts (Play/Pause, Old Timer, Main)
|---- Conclusion (WAL, Accomplishments)

|---- Animation (Animated Layers in XML)
|---- Animated Volume (Frames Controlled by MAKI)
|---- Animated Seek (Layers and Regions with MAKI)
|---- Shade Layout (Multiple Layouts, Winshade Buttons)
|---- Visualizer (Visualizer, Customizing)
|---- Gamma Groups (Color Themes)
|---- GammaWorker (GammaWorker, More Color Themes)
|---- Thinger (ComponentBucket, CB_NEXT/PREV)
|---- Equalizer (EQ Bands, Preamp, Presets)
|---- SnapPoints (Docking)
|---- Conclusion (Accomplishments)

|---- Inline Components (EQ, Thinger, Playlist, Etc)
|---- Component Skinning (StandardFrame)
|---- System Colors & Elements (Wasabi Objects)
|---- Menus & Tooltips (Backgrounds and Images)
|---- MAKI Basics (Variables, Functions, Compiling)
|---- MAKI with XML (Script/Skin Interaction)
|---- Script Walkthrough (Step-by-Step Code Example)
|---- Writing Your Own Scripts (std.mi, Tips)
|---- Conclusion (Further Exploration, Accomplishments)

|---- Troubleshooting FAQ
|---- Still Stuck?
|---- Troubleshooting FAQ Answers

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