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J5 (F)

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J5 Skin

Featured Skin The J5(named so because early stages looked like Johnny5) skin has been completed. I created it for the Winamp3 Skinning Tutorial. The tutorial is complete up to and including the Intermediate area and progress on the Advanced area is well underway.

Features: Animated Volume(Frames), Animated Seek(Region), AutoRepeat Volume Buttons(Shade Mode), A Handful of ColorThemes(many from the forums, thanks!), Media-Responsive Speakers, and More!

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The MAKI skin was my first released skin. It was created to demonstrate how to use many of my pre-made MAKI scripts to ease new skinners into scripting. The MAKI and XML are both thoroughly commented so if you're just starting to learn, download this skin and take a look at what's inside.

Features: Drawers, Play/Pause, StopAfterSong, Mute, Animated Seek, VolumeKnob, AutoRepeat Volume Buttons

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New-CLEAR Skin

Featured Skin A collaboration project with Vag. Vag did the graphics, I did the XML coding and MAKI scripting. Overall, the skin turned out better than either of us expected and has been well received on What's most impressive about this is that it took only a week from when Vag started designing it to when it was ready for beta testing and color theming.

Features: EQ/Thinger Drawer, Fully Skinned Components, Custom Visualizers, Animated Seek and Volume Sliders,

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Soundwave (B)

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Soundwave Skin

The Soundwave skin is the first skin I ever started. I love the (original) Transformers, and when I was brainstorming to think of a basis for a Winamp skin, Soundwave was an obvious choice. It originally started out as a Winamp2 skin, but when a friend mentioned that a free-form, scriptable Winamp3 was in development, I quickly changed my plans. By far my favorite project, I've been building it on and off for over a year now. Winamp3 is supposed to have some new features with its next release, many of which I absolutely want to make use of for this skin(such as sound effects that don't interrupt the current media!)

Features: Irising ToggleButton Covers, Seek and Volume Drawers, Transforms to Robot, Innovative Shade Mode, Transforming Thinger(Ravage), & More.

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SpaceGhost (A)

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SpaceGhost Skin

The SpaceGhost skin was my second skinning project. I eventually abandoned this skin to focus more on other projects, but I did learn quite a bit while making it. It's composed of a series of screenshots from SpaceGhost: Coast to Coast. Still a fun skin, but I don't plan on putting any more time into this.

Features: Main Player(Space Ghost & Zorak), Equalizer(Moltar), and their Shade Modes.

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Virginia Tech (F)

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Virginia Tech Skin

The Virginia Tech skin was my second release. What better way to honor my alma mater than with a Winamp3 skin. The skin is very easy to use, everything is clearly labeled. By clicking on the VT logo, you can view a bunch of options to configure the skin to your liking(including the Stop button). Of all my skins, I use this one the most often. Now the most downloaded University Winamp3 skin ever!

Features: HokieTracks Seeker, Configurable Display(Equalizer, Thinger, Visualizer, or a "Let's Go Hokies!!!" Animation, Options Window(Left-Click on VT), Links to Virginia Tech-related Websites(Right-Click on VT), Utility Shade Mode with Drawer-like Playlist Editor, Fully Skinned Components, Menus, etc, 6 Color Themes

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