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Buttons are responsible for much of a skin's functionality. Below is a list of actions and their descriptions for your skinning pleasure:


  • "prev" (Previous Track)
  • "play" (Play)
  • "pause" (Pause)
  • "stop" (Stop)
  • "next" (Next Track)
  • "eject" (Open File)
  • "eject_url" (Open URL)
  • "eject_dir" (Open Directory)
  • "volume_up" (Increase Volume)
  • "volume_down" (Decrease Volume)
  • "rewind_5s" (Rewind 5 Seconds)
  • "ffwd_5s" (FastForward 5 Seconds)
  • "text_larger" (Increase Text Size)
  • "text_smaller" (Decrease Text Size)
  • "doublesize" (Double Skin Size)
  • "reload_skin" (Reload/Refresh Skin)
  • "controlmenu" (Control Menu)
  • "sysmenu" (System Menu)
  • "close" (Close Winamp)
  • "minimize" (Minimize Winamp)
  • "close_window" (Close Current Window)
  • "switch" (Switch To Different Layout as specified by param)
  •       param="someLayout" (where someLayout is the id of the Layout to switch to)
  • "toggle" (Toggle Component as specified byparam)
  •       param="someGUID" (where someGUID is the GUID of the Component as found below)
  • "preferences" (Toggle Preferences)
  • "toggle_always_on_top" (Always On Top Mode)
  • "toggle_repeat" (Repeat)
  • "toggle_shuffle" (Shuffle)
  • "toggle_crossfader" (Crossfader)
  • "view_file_info" (Media Info Editor)
  • "view_bookmark" (View Bookmarks)
  • "add_bookmark" (Add Bookmarks)


For most skinners, these will be handy for use in conjunction with the "toggle" action above:

  • "guid:pl" (Playlist Editor)
  • "guid:ml" (Media Library)
  • "eq" (Equalizer)
  • "thinger" (Thinger)
  • "guid:avs" (Advanced Visualization Studio)
  • "guid:{F0816D7B-FFFC-4343-80F2-E8199AA15CC3}" (Video)
  • "guid:{6A17D510-7833-4CEC-A420-F08F4B280782}" (Media Info Editor)
  • "{B397A4CE-455A-4D62-8BF6-D0F91ACB70E6}" (Preferences)

Help Make This Page Better

Know of an action that is missing? Please share! Also, there are many more GUIDs, and those listed are not necessarily current as they have changed a few times throughout the development of Winamp3. If you have additional information or know of corrections to be made, please email me using the link at the bottom of the page.

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