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The Tutorial section offers a walkthrough of the process behind creating a Winamp3 skin. Broken up into three areas, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced, this tutorial covers topics from basic XML to writing your own MAKI scripts. Whether you want to follow along and create the sample skin or are just looking to brush up on a few topics, this tutorial is sure to provide insight into your skinning endeavours.


The References section contains resources for skinning Winamp3. With collections of pre-made MAKI scripts, Button actions, Component GUIDs, and Objects, this area will prove to be valuable for skinners of all levels. New skinners can utilize the scripts and learn what options are available to them while veteran skinners can benefit from these handy references as well as modify the scripts to fit their needs.


The Skins section provides links to my completed skins and information on works in progress. The skins are readily available for use with Winamp3 or for dissection should you wish to see how they work. Works in progress will be updated as new versions are ready.

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