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posted on: 2005-04-24blank

After a long period of inaction, I've decided it's finally time to breathe life back into this website. I'm currently in the process of redesigning all aspects of this site. Stay tuned...

More Content

posted on: 2003-02-20blank

Two more parts of the Winamp3 section have been filled in. Winamp3:References now has over 20 MAKI scripts, a listing of Button actions, and some GUIDs for common components. Winamp3:Skins has all of my skins available to browse and download. Immediate plans include finishing the Tutorial and creating the Tag/Parameter database, thus finishing the Winamp3 section.

Minor Changes

posted on: 2003-02-14blank

Aside from a few more updates to the Tutorial, the biggest news is that the Guestbook is now working. Feel free to leave a message. Also, the tabs have been altered to display correctly with Opera.

So far, so good.

posted on: 2003-02-05blank

While most of the content is still being filled in, the site is shaping up. The framework for the site is done, the Winamp3 Skinning Tutorial is about halfway finished, and of course the News works. Next up is the Guestbook, along with continuing on with the Tutorial. Things have come a long way since being a subdomain of and will continue to do so as this site develops.

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